Happy Chocolate Egg Farm
Chocally Flavoured Chocolate Animals
Happy Chocolate Egg Farm
Happy Chocolate Egg Farm

Happy Chocolate Egg Farm

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The Happiest Egg farm I know...No battery hens here!

To have my own little farm with a few little farmyard animals is something I dream to have in the future.
So in the meantime I thought I would put it in chocolate.

This special large hand crafted chocolate Easter egg is made with love and care. A yummy milky creamy egg with a handmade chewy chocolate barn. Hiding inside is a handful of happy little farmyard creatures all waiting to make your taste buds smile.
Sat inside is:

A Purple Blackcurrant Doggy
A Yellow Banana Ducky
A Pink Strawberry Kitty
An Orange Rabbit &
A Milky Moo Cow

This beautifully decorated egg comes wrapped up sitting in a cute little handled basket