Yesterday I had a beautiful woodland walk at Clumber Park. 
Such a drizzly day but that didn't prevent the lovely, cosy, autumnal feelings that a good outdoorsy walk brings at this time of year.Surrounded by the little droplets from the morning's mist and treading on the few open chestnut shells that littered the ground. 

I love chestnut picking but unfortunately this year has been a very bad year for them; the worst I've ever known in fact. Normally each year I would have a lovely walk in the woods with my Dad and there would be hundreds and thousands of chestnuts to pick from, but this year we weren't even reaching hundred. I was wanting to possibly try incorporating smoky roasted chestnuts into a chocolate truffle this year but as the numbers have been so low then maybe that idea can wait until we have a better year for them.

Other ideas were floating round my head during my walk today and one specific one was whilst walking under a family of pine trees and treading on the blanket of pine needles... Hmmm Pine !!

Could Pine essence possibly be incorporated into cooking and some festive chocolate treats ?? 
One question I ask is would my customers want to see and try pine flavoured chocolate ? 
This needs more investigation and you may well be seeing some interesting festive flavour chocolate from me :) 

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