I see chocolate as an artist's material and I adore creating special shapes and sculptures with it. My sculptures are ideal for special occasions and are made from pure Belgian chocolate and just chocolate. Unlike a lot of other companies who's pieces are mainly made of cake, I like to offer an alternative of chocolate sculptures and centre pieces which are filled with chocolate truffles and goodies to share out with your guests. I see them as almost a chocolate piñata that you bash to reveal its yummy surprises. Instead of the 'cutting of the cake' it can be the 'chopping of the chocolate' and with a hammer if you choose to.
I like to take on any challenge so however outrageous and crazy your ideas are I would love to hear it. Custom commissions begin at £200 and upward depending on the sizing and amount of detail. Please contact me with your enquiries.
Here are a few examples of my creations.
Tiger Wedding Sculpture
Lego Wedding Sculpture

Watch the Sculpture Smash video
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Lego Wedding Sculpture
Lego Bride & Groom

Here is a corporate Easter sculpture for Eurotunnel.
It is a double sided egg, one side white chocolate the other milk.
They requested a travel & pets theme to represent the ease of traveling with your pets through the tunnel. This came with some branded boxes they required for a special marketing event.

Custom EuroTunnel Corporate Egg
Euro Tunnel Custom Egg
 Easter Collection for Euro Tunnel







Custom Sculpture for TLH Auctioneers


Custom Easter Sculpture for TLH Auctioneers

... It's BIG !!


75th Birthday Chocolate Sculpture

Chocolate Weightlifting Mechanic 
Chocolate Weightlifting Mechanic