I see chocolate as an artist's material and I adore creating special shapes and sculptures with it. My sculptures are ideal for special occasions and are made from pure Belgian chocolate and just chocolate. Unlike a lot of other companies who's pieces are mainly made of cake, I like to offer an alternative of chocolate sculptures and centre pieces which are filled with chocolate truffles and goodies to share out with your guests. I see them as almost a chocolate piñata that you bash to reveal its yummy surprises. Instead of the 'cutting of the cake' it can be the 'chopping of the chocolate' and with a hammer if you choose to.
I like to take on any challenge so however outrageous and crazy your ideas are I would love to hear it. Custom commissions begin at £200 and upward depending on the sizing and amount of detail. Please contact me with your enquiries.
Here are a few examples of my creations.








Custom Sculpture for TLH Auctioneers

Custom Easter Sculpture for TLH Auctioneers

... It's BIG !!

Lego Bride & Groom

Lego Wedding Sculpture

Lego Wedding Sculpture

Watch the Sculpture Smash video
! HERE !


75th Birthday Chocolate Sculpture

Chocolate Weightlifting Mechanic 
Chocolate Weightlifting Mechanic