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I am very excited to soon start creating lots of Chocally charity products. This idea of mine first started out around Easter time where I made a Chocally Bunny Bar that raised money for the ‘Make Mine Chocolate’ rabbit organisation. This helped support their non profit organisation which was started to educate people on life with a house rabbit. They encourage people to purchase chocolate or toy Easter bunnies rather than live rabbits. This happens very commonly around Easter time as an impulse buy and unfortunately many bunnies become neglected.
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Here is the product I created.


As a follow on from this idea, I wanted to help support another group of animal organisations who I have become very passionate towards.
These are all charities raising awareness for our feathered friends. More specifically those who raise the awareness for the worrying decline of certain bird species. 

My first approach is to Operation Turtle Dove. I became aware of the rapid decline of Turtle Doves when I was given the chance to join Birdlife Malta, Birdlife, RSPB over in Malta earlier this year for conservation work. This was to record and help reduce the illegal hunting issues over there and to potentially improve matters in the future for our migratory birds, specifically Turtle Doves.


After being so inspired by my experience in Malta, I felt so passionate to help even more and involve Chocally in some way to spread the word of Turtle Dove situation. Here were my first ideas of a chocolate bar that represents the fact that the Dove is in the Red List for their population status, which means they're in rapid decline. Within this product there is information that helps spread awareness of the situation. Therefore it is a yummy, educational and fundraising treat in one.

Now that the festive season is fast approaching, I definitely feel that the turtle dove treats need to come back around and what better time of year to really spread the word. So Chocally has now joined with ‘Operation Turtle Dove’ and will soon be selling cute little Christmas tree decorations and my handmade cards too which all raise money for the organisation. So please keep an eye out for my Turtle Dove page that will soon be up on the website. Spread the love and the awareness. 

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