''On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me ........ !''

... Unfortunately how things are looking at the moment, your true love will not be able to send any turtle doves by 2020.

The turtle dove is currently one of the UK’s most threatened birds.  Populations have seriously declined by a staggering 91% between 1970-2009 and are still plummeting. The causes of the decline can be attributed to a combination of habitat loss and food availability. Historically, turtle doves fed mainly on seeds of wild plants, and preferred nesting in tall, thick hedgerows and scrub.  Since the intensification of agriculture, especially habitat modification and increased use of herbicides these resources are no longer available to turtle dove.

With creating a Chocally product during the festive season I aim to spread the knowledge of the worrying situation to the turtle dove and hope to help make a difference. I do hope that from this more people will take notice and appreciate what wildlife we have around us and start to look after what we have. The little tree decorations have a little info on the back to inform about the turtle dove issue and helps support 'Operation Turtle Dove' which is a project designed to help reserve the decline of our feathered friends.
So please do show your support and spread the love of the turtle dove and a difference can be made 
Thank you ever so much
Cally xx

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