OPEN ... I'm putting any personalised messages on orders you wish to send out to loved ones at this time. Let them know that they're in your heart with a chocolatey hug.


Well traditionally the song of the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' is supposed tostart on Christmas day and finished on the 5th of January. Hmmm but I'm too eager I want to sing it now and my idea now is to do a silly Chocally version :) 

I will aim to encorporate my Chocally products or something to do with Chcoally, within each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. I shall also include some fun photos too. So please keep an eye out starting from Friday until Christmas day (and I will post on Christmas day too) and enjoy a little song blog from me. It should be fun :) 
Big hugs and hope everyone is starting to feel festive 

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