Sorry lovely people but I am currently closing the Chocally kitchen for a few weeks. Any orders made will be posted out during the week commencing July 15th xxx

Raspberry Drinking Chocolate

Raspberry Drinking Chocolate

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Rich indulgent raspberry drinking chocolate for warming winter hot chocolates or ice cold chocolate drinks on a summers day. A fruity raspberry chocolate drink without the cocoa bitterness. 

cocoa mass(60%), sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin (E322), natural vanilla flavouring, freeze dried raspberries. 

300g, 10 servings 

Be aware that all products are made in my home
kitchen which has a variety of other ingredients on the premises including, milk, nuts, gluten, soya. Contact me for more allergen/ingredient information.

I’m Vegan

*Keep me in a cool dry place


For hot chocolate :
Heat 200ml of milk of your choice either in a saucepan or in a heat proof jug in the microwave.
Add roughly 6 heaped teaspoons (30g) of drinking chocolate into your favourite mug.
Once milk is heated, add a small amount of it into your mug and stir. Gradually add the rest of the milk until chocolate is melted.
To achieve a silky smooth finish to your  hot chocolate, use a milk frother, steam wand or hot chocolate maker.

For iced chocolate :
Heat up 100ml of your milk and add around 6 heaped
teaspoons of chocolate powder and mix until melted.
If you have a blender add this and another 100ml of
cold milk and blend.
Add ice to finish or for a creamier, thicker milkshake add 3 or more scoops of ice cream and blend again.
Feel free to go to town and top with squirty cream and sprinkle more of the chocolate powder on top. Enjoy!