Once the sound of the British summer, turtle doves mate for life and are embedded in our literary culture as a symbol of fidelity and love. These beautiful doves migrate thousands of km from their wintering grounds in sub Saharan Africa, to the UK every spring to pair bond and raise their young. Sadly, turtle doves have declined by a staggering 91% since the 1970’s and are in grave danger of becoming extinct within the next 10 years if we do not act now. Current research suggests the major limiting factor for turtle doves is access to seed during the summer months.

The species faces UK extinction within the next 10 years unless we act now.

Operation Turtle Dove was launched in 2012 as a partnership project between the RSPB, Conservation Grade, Pensthorpe Conservation Trust and Natural England with aims to save this iconic species through public participation, research and practical habitat action. The project’s ongoing research into food preferences & nutrition is giving us a much clearer picture of how we can help turtle doves and hopefully reverse this dramatic decline before it’s too late.  

If you are interested in knowing more about how you can help to save a bird on the brink please go to


My love for the countryside and its wildlife began at an early age whilst growing up in Derbyshire, surrounded by greenery and beautiful rural scenery. I have always felt a close connection to nature and have wanted to continuously help look after it to show my love and appreciation. I have many fond memories as a child looking after injured birds and nursing them back to good health.This care towards animals is a big passion that I have and whilst growing up I had the dream of undertaking conservation work.
Nature has always been a major inspiration for my creative work and my artwork. In the winter of 2011 I was part of an exhibition held in London that was jam packed with artists, writers and musicians who collaborated to represent their love for our extinct and endangered feathered friends. 

I loved creating these ‘Bachman’s Warbler’ mixed media pieces for the show. 
Ceri Levy, founder of The Bird Effect, was the man who introduced me to such a wonderful project. It not only brought so much beauty to one building, with the representations of fabulous birds, but also raised awareness that we need pay a lot more attention and give a lot more love and care to the birds that we have around us. We must enjoy them and live alongside them while we are given the chance. After the exhibition, Ceri then had a wonderful idea and presented a great opportunity for a selection of artists to go over to Malta and take action assisting with the issues of illegal hunting during the spring migration. This was where I came alive: my heart was filled with determination and passion. It was a rollercoaster of emotions from ecstatic elation as a flock of stunning Bee-Eaters danced around us to the devastating sadness and anger from witnessing them being illegally shot down.
Inspiration was whizzing around my head too. I had many thoughts for my art and for Chocally to create something to raise awareness to other of these issues. I wanted to inform people in a way that was not off-putting: an approach like the ‘clipboard people’ walking around the high street waiting to pounce on you. It needed to be something pleasant, so what better than yummy chocolate products? The idea is that you can enjoy a tasty bit of chocolate knowing that money has been raised for supporting organisations of the issue, and you can have a little read on the packaging about the subject. 
With turtle doves being a big focus on my trip in Malta I wanted to do something to support Operation Turtle Dove which is an organisation designed to reserve the decline of our well-loved farmland bird. So here is my little collection of treats that you can purchase to help support us. 

Lets share the love for our beautiful love birds.